Volumetric dough MOULDER, type MONOFG005-HVS2R


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Volumetric dough MOULDER, type MONOFG005-HVS2R (S/N 0902 58095). This highly versatile Combination Moulder shapes all oven bottom and tin bread perfectly and will process up to 960 pieces per hour. It consistently produces perfectly shaped products each and every time – including bloomers, tin breads, batons and French sticks. The dough pieces are fed into the Combination Moulder and pass through dual sheeting rollers which give a gentle reduction of the dough. Dough sticking is prevented thanks to the use of Teflon coatings and high performance polymers in the dough path. The user-friendly controls are easily adjustable for different product settings. The Combination Moulder also features an ergonomically positioned seeding station, which provides a conveniently placed area for the application of speciality toppings.