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Description: You can choose the cheese kettle type SK in different versions from 50 and up to 650 l. They are designed for the thermal treatment of milk in a temperature range between 3°C and 92°C. The equipment is made in accordance with international standands, CE directives and the newest innovations in the dairy industry. Advantages of our products: The kettle has a three part insulated coat (with an open circuit heating system) and it is made entirely of stainless steel Thermal energy for the heating and cooling is exchanged directly through the coat and the bottom of the kettle Type SK cheese kettle heats with electrical heaters Milk is cooled down with water from the pipe or collector or with chilled water. Using chilled water also reduces water consumption and cooling time. Thermal treatment of milk can be automated with the use of a controller on which we can set, change and save all the parameters of the processes of heating and cooling. We can offer you a wide range of accessories that will facilitate your work and expand the usefulness with the device (different supports, elevating devices, automation of operations, temperature recorders, speed regulation of stirrer, different type of stirrers, three part cheese harp,...) Cheese kettle type SK is composed of: three part insulated coat of the kettle, made of stainless steel without support outflow DN50 with a butterfly valve (DN65-option) movable console for the electromotor of the stirrer two part cover heating with electric heaters 4 -24 kW electromotor with 25 rpm for the stirrer temperature sensor for milk control panel with basic electronic regulation of the heating temperature (up to 85°C) electric connection: 400V 3N 50Hz Executions: B - Heating up to 85°C - hand operated valve for cooling - control panel with a basic regulation of the heating D - Heating up to 92°C - electromotor / electro-magnetic valve for cooling - control panel with GPC 145 processor for the automatic regulation of heating and cooling G - Heating up to 75°C - hand operated valve for cooling - analog thermostat for the heating of water (without the regulation of the milk temperature, without mixer) *Recommended heating power of electrical heaters (if allowed by the house electrical installation) When ordering you must specify the desired power of the heating body.