Refrigerated Milk Tank G10 1380 Litre


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ManufacturerMoody Process Equipment
Capacity1,380 litres
Stock codeNEW Refrigerated Milk Tank G10
Insulation typeInsulated
Tank jacketNo Jacket
AgitatorProp Type Agitator
Material304 Stainless Steel


Description: Inner tank and outer casing made of AISI 304 stainless steel Total primary surface evaporator with maximum yield Inspections hatchway with AISI 304 airtight cover Very thick insulation by means of non-polluting polyurethane foam DN50 outlet butterfly valve Stainless steel dip-stick with conversion-table in litres for the measurement of milk-level Cooling System: Non-icing cooling even with low filling level Direct expansion R404A refrigerating fluid for all models The models of this range are compact and allow an easy installation. It complies with ISO 5708 class BII. Washing: Automatic washing milk-controller with the following characteristics - Low water and detergent consumption - Efficient washing system by means of highly effective rotating spray ball - Spray ball can be removed from the outside of the tank - Standard detergent container or dosage pumps or 2 glasses - Disinfection phases available on all the models Electric System: Computerised milk-controller system for the management of all the operations: - Milk temperature check - Digital temperature display - Stirring program - Programmed start-up of the cooling system - Automatic washing program - Outlets for remote alarm signals and for computer - Ample flexibility of operations Temperature relay protection for the compressors as well as compressors inner protection Temperature relays to protect washing pump and three-phase agitators Magnetothermic switch 400V three-phase feeding 50Hz + neutral 24V feeding for control apparatus and solenoid control Capacities of the tanks are 1000 ltr, 1200 ltr, 1380 ltr, 1600 ltr, 1880 ltr, 2300 ltr and 2600 ltr