Niro Soavi Laboratory Homogenisers


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ManufacturerGea Niro Soavi
ModelPanda, Pony, Panther
Stock codeNew Laboratory Homogeniser
Min flowrate9 litres per hour
Max flowrate120 litres per hour


GEA Niro Soavi Laboratory Homogenisers A wide range of laboratory homogenisers is ideal for the treatment of nanoparticles, nanodispersions, nanoemulsions, and cell disruption, and it can be used successfully for processing milk and dairy products, fruit juices, and food in general. Laboratory scale and pilot scale can operate from 0 to 1500 bar, even with limited sample volumes, and achieves the same results as bigger size machines. This is how the shift from lab testing to industrial production gets easier, with the guarantee of total scalability of results.