Gea Niro Soavi One Series Homogeniser


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ManufacturerGea Niro Soavi
ModelOne Series
Stock codeNew One Series Homogeniser
Min flowrate300 litres per hour
Max flowrate8,000 litres per hour


The NEW Niro Soavi 3-piston homogenisers from the One TS range are leaders for quality and performance, with top sanitary features. Designed and constructed to ensure flexibility and ease of installation and maintenance, these machines can be easily integrated into small systems. No compromise on quality: One TS is the modern answer to market demands, designed to give you everything you need and nothing more. One TS is an ideal homogeniser for dairy products and beverages, such as: pasteurised flavoured milk, cream, milk for yogurt and cheese, yogurt drinks, dressings, bases for ice cream and for other products like fruit juice, soya milk and drinks. The high-efficiency, abrasion-resistant homogenising valve guarantees correct micronisation for excellent quality and long shelf-life. One is a complete range of models for working pressures up to 250 bar.