Moeschle 50 Barrel Brewery and Fermeneters


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Model50 Barrel Brewery and Fermeneters



Purpose built griste case in marine ply with stainless steel slide Approx. 7 ft. x 7 ft. 

Purpose built stainless steel mixer 

Moeschle stainless steel mash tun with stainless steel wedge wire floor (8 segments and 2 half moons), stainless steel 

sparge arm with jacket, insulation and 3 valves, capacity 6,800 litres (50 brewer’s barrel) 

Stainless steel under back

Moeschle stainless steel jacketed hot liquor tank with sight glass, dosing cup & steam jacket, capacity 12,800 litres (78 brewer’s barrels)

Moeschle stainless steel purpose built jacketed cold liquor tank with sight glass, capacity 12,800 litres (78 brewer’s barrels) 

Moeschle stainless steel purpose built quadruple jacketed boiling vessel with sight glass, 5 valves, access hatch, 2 half moon wedge wire floor, stainless steel half moon top hat, inline filter and Toff Jorg sprayball, capacity 12,800 litres (78 brewer’s barrels)

Cetetherm type C7. 110-GP/68 heat exchanger Serial no. 30104-46686 Year of manufacture: 2003 

4 off Moeschle stainless steel jacketed fermentation vessel with inspection hatches to front and top 

4 x Moeschle stainless steel conditioning tanks 6800 litres capacity