2016 SPX Waukesha SHP High Shear Mxing Pump


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ManufacturerSPX Waukesha
ModelSHP High Shear Mxing Pump
Inlet connection2"
Outlet connection2"
Motor size7.5 kw


Designed for "on-line" continuous shearing and mixing action.

A choice of modularly interchangeable stators and rotors makes it versatile for processing a wide variety of products.

Texturizes to give a smooth body and texture to such products as ricotta cheese and food pastes.

Emulsifies to make stable emulsions of products with both oil and water based ingredients; blends to provide continuous, on-line blending without air incorporation or lumps of dry product; reconstitutes to assist reconstitution of powdered products such as milk powders; suspends/disperses to give stable solids in liquid suspension

polishes to improve the appearance of products by providing a smoother and more uniform surface texture.