1,000 Llitres per Hour Skid Mounted Electric Pasteurisers


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Manufacturer1,000 Llitres per Hour Skid Mounted Electric Pasteurisers


The MIM range of compact electrical pasteurisers has been designed to carry out the thermal treatment of milk and its by-products, soft-drinks and juices. The objective is to eliminate the pathogenic micro-organisms through the application of high temperature during a short period of time.

Pasteuriser unit made up of :-

  • Heat exchanger with 0.5mm plates in AISI 316 and gaskets in NBR, frame in AISI 304.
  • Centrifugal pump INOXMIM FL31CI for milk feed.
  • Food-grade hydraulic circuit DIN11851 with orbital welding.
  • Holding tube for maintaining temperature.
  • Divert valve for non-pasteurised product, pneumatically actuated.
  • By-pass system to regulate the temperature of the pasteurised product and graduate the outlet temperature of the milk.
  • Manual butterfly valves with multi-position handles to operate.
  • Temperature probes PT100 to control the fluid.
  • Hot-water generation system: heating coils, centrifugal pump for recirculation of water INOXMIM FL20C, temperature probe PT100, water inlet valve with automatic regulation and non-return valve, safety valve, expansion vessel, pressure gauge and purge.
  • Pneumatic system to regulate and operate with flow-regulating valve, filter, pressure gauge and solenoid.
  • Tank of 25 litres for the preparation of cleaning solutions.
  • CE marked control panel with:
  •     7” touch screen
  •           Digital thermograph with temperature register
  •           USB port to extract information
  •          Operation of solenoids
  •          Control of pumps
  •          Emergency stop
  •          Led indicators
  •          Switches
  •          Control box on stainless AISI 304
  •          Mounted on platform supported by 4 anti-vibration feet
  •          Made in stainless steel AISI 304
  •          Standard Voltage 3 phase / 400v / 50Hz 


  • Different thermal cycles according to client’s requirements.
  • Plate heat-exchanger of 4 sections for outlet to homogeniser, skimming machine, etc..
  • Holding tube with longer retention times.
  • Electrical power matched to energy requirements for specific thermal cycle.
  • Materials in contact with the product stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Other voltages and frequencies according to country of destination.    
  • A chiller unit for cold water generation can be incorporated on request.

Common services requirements:


  • Compressed air: 1 Nm3/h.
  • Hot water for models 250, 500 y 1000 l/h and made with the pump in the hot water generation circuit. The automatic filler valve constantly maintains the circuit full at a pressure of 1.5 bar.
  • The flow of cold or glycol water (for cooling to 4°C) for models 250, 500 and 1000 l/h is 700, 1300, 2200 l/h respectively.
  • Energy consumption of cold or glycol water (for cooling to 4º C) in models 250, 500 and 1,000 l/h is 3000 Frig/h, 6000 Frig/h and 12000 Frig/h respectively.