2016 Someflu HMP 80-50-200 Magnetic Drive Pump


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ModelHMP 80-50-200 Magnetic Drive Pump
Serial Number160600253
Stock Number2615
Motor size18.5 kw


Main Advantages

• Total tightness due to magnetic drive.

• Reliability and robustness due to massive manufacture design.

• Characteristics and dimensions that allow to substitute a HMP-N/S by a HMP-M without modification of pipes.

• Convertion kits avalaibles.

• Containment shroud without metal reinforcement or carbon eliminating all risks of heating by eddy current losses.

• Largely dimensioned magnets to eliminate risks of drop out of syncronization.

• Bearings issued from PROCESS construction relieving the containment shroud from all mechanical stresses.

• SiC sleeve bearing with anti-friction treatment ensuring a better behaviour in case of bad lubrication.

• Motors normalized as per IEC standards.

Application Fields

• Pumping of any clear and corrosive liquid without suspended matters, diluted or concentrated (H2SO4, HCl, NaOH)

• Unloading of trucks, tanks and containers.

• Installations of clear water treatment and chemicals process waste water.

• Surface treatment units, electroplating baths.

• Scrubbers.